May 2015

Beyond "throw the bums out" in Alberta: Why campaigns matter

Post-election punditry is as much about story-telling as it is analysis and so far pundits (especially conservative ones) have tended to tell one story –Albertans were angry at the PC government’s spending scandals and arrogance, and so "threw the bums out."

That’s only part of the story, and for the conservative-minded it’s the easiest part of the story to accept. It’s comforting to think of Alberta as a bastion of conservatism, where the recent government merely executed the agenda badly. But it's not sufficient to explain why the result was such a resounding mandate for the...

Top 8 progressive changes coming to Alberta

The historic results of the Alberta election on Tuesday represent a resounding win for progressives. After more than four decades of conservative rule, heres a primer on the top eight...

A tribute to Abe Rotstein: a giant of Canadian political economy

 Mel Watkins delivered this eulogy for Abe Rotstein (1929 - 2015) on April 30th 2015

My dear friend Abe had lived so long. He kept teaching after his contemporaries had quit, and was still so sound of body and mind, that it seemed to me that he just might live forever.

We both joined the old Department of Political Economy at the University of Toronto more than 55 years ago and became the best of friends. We have so remained ever since. Our lives...